Just like you, we struggled each time we had to create a gift list. We'd be somewhere and want to record an idea, but it was a hassle to take a photo, download it, and then try to coordinate a list through multiple emails.

So we created the Wishes Gone Wild iPhone and Android apps to make it easy to capture ideas instantly, anywhere. Sharing and coordinating changes to gift ideas is trivial now since we see exactly what someone wanted when we're out shopping.

The Wishes Gone Wild iPhone and Android apps were created by Rulu LLC and we plan on continuing to add new features and enhancement, so let us know what you think.

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  • Got a great idea to make the app better?
  • Have a question about how it works?
  • Want to help shape the next version?

Please share your thoughts with us!

You can email us at contact@wishesgonewild.com. Or send us feedback through Facebook or Twitter.